Mandy Connell

iHeart Radio Award Winning Radio Talk Show Host | Podcaster

2019 Expert Contributor | Maximizer Instructor

Mandy Connell was a flight attendant for Delta Airlines when she met a man who changed her life.  Dick Robinson was his name, and he owned the Connecticut School of Broadcasting.  He thought she was funny and should be on the radio.  She took a leave from flying, went to the school and never looked back.

Since that fateful day, she’s been a radio producer for a Hot Talk station in Orlando, a co-host on a sports radio show, a news person, a promotions director, and a radio salesperson before finally getting the chance to have her own show in 2005.

Mandy took a show that literally had such low ratings it didn’t even show up in the ratings book to number 1 in the market through sheer will and determination (with a zero dollar marketing budget) and that experience is what makes her uniquely qualified to handle the wild west of podcasting.  After spending five years in Southwest Florida, she moved to Louisville, Kentucky to work for WHAS, a heritage news/talk station.  After attending her share of Kentucky Derbies, she was off to Denver to KHOW.  Denver was and is her dream destination, and eventually she made the switch to her dream station, which is KOA Newsradio. She currently broadcasts weekdays from Noon to 3.  She has been recognized nationally by Talkers magazine and is currently the Colorado Talk Show Host of the Year as named by the Colorado Broadcasters Association.

Although Mandy loves her job and her commercial radio show, she was itching to do show specifically aimed at women.  But more than that, she wanted to help other women break into the talk sphere as well, so she created the Ladies Chit Chat Club Network.  She helped multiple women launch shows covering topics from food to health to entrepreneurship.  And the Ladies Chit Chat Club Show has become a fun, funny, and informative show talking to and about the issue’s women face as they pass 40.  Whereas her KOA show may be her brains, the Chit Chat Club Show is her heart.

She is married to her wonderful husband Chuck, mom to pre-teen Q and grown sons Ryan and Phil.  She also has a precocious Saint Bernard Jinx, who makes her life much more fun and fuzzy.  When she’s not working, she’s cooking, reading or hiking, which all provide fodder for either show on a regular basis!

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