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Yes! You’re invited to join the Entrepreneur’s of Success Mentor Momentum Community!

Finally, A close knit community for Entrepreneurs to tap into impact driven Mentors eager to support need to succeed.

It’s time to breakthrough that Plateau and Stop doing it alone!

So What Is Included In Your Mentor Momentum Membership?

When you join Mentor Momentum, you gain the support of over 50 mentors and counting, who will regularly provide you with insight, access, strategy, motivation, and proven methods to supercharge your business, your impact and your success.These mentors have grown businesses through numerous tough times before (including multiple recessions) and have found ways to succeed no matter what the circumstance.These mentors have faced health challenges, cash flow blockages and failed businesses, and yet they have found ways to keep succeeding and to keep loving life while building their businesses to the 7, 8, 9, and even 10 figure mark.Now they have an opportunity to give back and you have an opportunity to receive breakthrough guidance.

Our diverse mentors will give you 360 degree feedback and support, including continuous and proven 7 figure + growth strategies in:










When You Become A Rise Member of This Private Community,
You Get:

Success Vault

Get hours of exclusive interviews, useful business tools and actionable insights to help you keep the momentum on your own time. Our mentors care deeply, and the rich resources generously offered here will save you time, money and energy while boosting your motivation and your bottom line!

Community Success Hour

Our community coaching hour provides you the opportunity to get the guidance your business needs to succeed. These sessions provide you with high-touch support to build unstoppable momentum, whether you are looking for help in sales, marketing, operations, mindset, relationships or any unique circumstance you may be facing.

Ignite Success Book Club

Join us monthly as we explore the world of inspired success, mentors, and success tools. Our Ignite Success Book Club is a joint collaborative of community conversations, motivation, and tips for success. Join peers from all stages of experience and wisdom as we study books that inspire, empower, and are sure to advance your success.

Exclusive DiscountsEvents, Programs & Courses

One of the most valuable aspects of your membership into the Mentor Momentum community is exclusive opportunities to our month-long Masterclasses. Many times throughout the year, different Mentors will be featured to help you optimize one specific area of your business. Whether that means masterful sales training, high converting messaging, amplified marketing, viral content creation, financial stewardship, or any other number of critical business components… These breakthrough lessons are not to be missed!

Member-Only Opportunities and Collaboration

Our community is made up of extraordinary, world-changing leaders, with one common value at their core… what we adoringly refer to as the “Gift of Success”. Shining the light on those members who actively provide mentoring moments, share tools of success, and are recognized for being a contributor to advancing other in the community with a heart for giving back, opens the doors to endless opportunities and recognition.

Exclusive Community Networking

Gain access to member-only networking opportunities to connect with other members, request direct support, build powerful relationships and get constant motivation and boosts to build momentum in your life and business. Our community will give you the regular wisdom, drive and support to supercharge your business, experience monthly benchmark breakthroughs and share in the celebration of your victories.

So, What’s the Monthly Investment?

As every wise entrepreneur knows… it’s not just what you know,  it’s who you know. Access into this private network of powerhouse Mentors and Leaders normally costs anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000. Many cannot be reached unless you’re prepared to cough up the cash for one-on-one consulting.

Entrepreneurs of Success and the Mentor Momentum Community is the only place where you get direct access to their guidance on an ongoing basis at a ridiculously reduced investment. You will have the opportunity to ask questions, build relationships, and get private feedback for your business.

As if community access weren’t enough, you’ll also get:

  • A Private Coaching Voucher* – $497
  • Monthly Community Coaching – Valued at $5964
  • All access to the vault of mentor resources – Valued at $9,997 
  • Exclusive Events With Experts and Mentors – Valued at $2485
  • Crazy discounted access to our Masterclasses – Valued at $5964
  • BONUS: Exclusive to subscribing members – valued at $897

Got a calculator?   

The marketplace value for everything available to you in one month’s membership as a RISE member is a minimum of $25,804!

Yes, that IS a lot of value and if you think about it, it’s worth far more than that… take your current sales and multiply them by 3. That’s what a single mentor moment did for my business years ago…a single idea tripled my business! Which is why you’ll agree it’s a screaming good deal to get access to your private membership at the low investment of $19/month

I know many entrepreneurs spend that much more than that each month on software subscriptions for one small part of their business. It’s a small price to pay for the pantheon of genius we have assembled here.

Keep in mind, this is completely risk free.  We offer you a full money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with your membership at the end of month one.  We are CERTAIN that this program and community have the opportunity to change your life and your business.

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Community Membership
$0per month
  • FREE Mentor Session (1)
  • Exclusive Community Insider Information
  • Special Community Announcements
  • Community Early Bird Opportunities
RISE Membership
$197per year
  • RISE-VIP Status Registration
  • Success Vault Access
  • Ignite Success Book Club
  • Private Coaching Session (1)
  • Access to Monthly Community Coaching
  • Member Exclusive Master Classes
  • Member Exclusive Access to Events
  • Member Only Benefits and Discounts

*BONUS Paid Monthly Private Membership – Private Coaching Session. All new monthly members in good standing will earn a bonus of 1, 30-minute private coaching session following the fourth month of membership.

The Mentor Momentum Money Back Guarantee

We are committed to creating new opportunities, paradigm shifts and above all else explosive results for every member of our community that chooses to take charge of their success. If you do not receive an abundance of benefits from your monetary investment at the end of your first month then we will happily offer you a full refund.

It has been my life’s work over the past 25+ years to put together this community of extraordinary leaders and if you are the right fit for this invitation, then I will be putting in my all (reputation, money, energy and time) in order for you to achieve your fullest vision of success.

For that amazing and passionate partner, I await our next steps together.
Sara Khoudary
Founder, Mentor Momentum