Mentor Momentum Contributing Mentor Hebert Lang

Herb “Flight Time” Lang
Contributing Mentor | Mentor Panelist

Originally from Brinkley, Arkansas. In Brinkley Herbert Lang was an All-State Stand out athlete also graduating at the top of his class while serving as senior class president. Herb went on to college graduating with a bachelor’s degree in health and physical education from Centenary College Of Louisiana in Shreveport. He played for the Harlem Globetrotters for 18 years. Throughout his travels some of his most memorable moments include meeting Pope Francis, President Obama, and appearing on numerous nationwide television commercials and reality TV shows, most notably on CBS’s The Amazing Race for three seasons. He currently resides in Sacramento, California. He is a proud father of two Nicholas and Reya Lang.

Post Globetrotting Herb has ventured into many different avenues building on the wealth of knowledge accumulated through life and his travels to nearly 90 countries worldwide. Herb is an active speaker, coach, and motivator while also having his hand in entertainment. He is currently working with a major Hollywood TV production company in further developing one of his many TV show concepts. Herb is a true believer in his idea that we as individuals should treat others even better than we expect to be treated! He feel success is not determined by how much money we make, but how many lives we touch along the way! He is inspired in knowing that his journey will motivate and inspire people from all ages and backgrounds.