Gary Barnes

The Breakthrough Business Mastery Coach
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Master Mentor Since 2019

Gary Barnes is “The Breakthrough Business Mastery Coach”. A High-Performance Business and Sales Strategist, Popular National and International Speaker & Award Winning #1 International Amazon Best-Selling Author (9 books). Gary’s clients have spanned over 7 countries and has been published by many outlets including the Boston Globe, LA Daily News, Miami Herald, CBS Money Watch, Morningstar and Worth Magazine. He has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, PBS & TEDX.

He is the founder of Gary Barnes International. As a leading authority, he has created several successful companies personally selling over $280 million dollars in products and services.

He also understands dealing with adversity, showcased in his internationally acclaimed book How a Beaver Saved My Life . In 1988 Gary was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and was told that he would be in a wheelchair or dead within 10 years.

He also loves adventure and has completed a world class 40-foot firewalk, flown a World War II P-51 fighter, flown on a trapeze, driven in a Destruction Derby (his car was the Purple Passion); completed a 75foot bungee jump; and climbed 14,000 foot mountains. He’s a drummer and a Police Academy Graduate.

He believes that your worst day is the day you meet the man or woman you could have been. It’s a choice.

Inspirational Quote

“Strive to be an influencer and impact people you may never have an opportunity to meet.” – Gary Barnes

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