The Mentor Momentum Leader’s Circle

A rare opportunity for success-driven experts to share their knowledge, increase profitability, expand your reach, and contribute to the success in advancing other with a heart for giving back. This is your chance to become a leader in our community of elite mentors and gain the trust of thousands of qualified leads by sharing your expertise.

Dear impact driven entrepreneur, do you specialize in one of the following?










If so, are you interested in receiving a consistent new revenue stream, serving a thriving community, and becoming a trusted advisor for thousands of growing businesses then this message may be just what you’re looking for right now.Let’s face it, it’s tough to be seen as the expert when everyone is drowning in a sea of experts. You and I are very familiar with the typical struggles of a service based professional, even ones making multiple six figures a year.

  • Passing out business cards at events full of strangers looking to expand your client base…
  • Balancing between servicing existing accounts and creating brand awareness by pumping out endless new content…
  • Staying up to date with every new trend, constantly refilling your funnels…
  • And of course, the frustration of having to build trust in new relationships over and over again… with little guarantee anything will actually come of it!

Gosh.  Wouldn’t it be great to just take a breath for one moment… to stop thinking you’re always one step behind everyone else. It can be emotionally and energetically draining to keep up… the constant ads, email campaigns, events… only to be unsure of what’s even working…

Do you know the actual ROI from all of your advertising costs?

If it is anything like what most entrepreneurs get, it’s probably startlingly low! Now, imagine being the sought after expert in a community of thousands of qualified leads, where you are recognized as the standout authority in your industry. This is that opportunity.

Introducing The Mentor Momentum

Our growing and glowing tribe is looking for exceptional entrepreneurs to share your gifts, mentor others and in the process receive life changing benefits in business, advertising and personal growth. Think this may be you? If we haven’t met yet (we probably have if you’re getting this invitation), my name is Sara Khoudary. I’ve served as an authority builder for over 25 years in the digital marketing world.  My focus has always been to help experts finally get seen as the industry leaders they deserve to be. Our growing and glowing tribe is looking for exceptional entrepreneurs… to share your gifts, mentor others and in the process receive life changing benefits in business, advertising and personal growth. Think this may be you? If we haven’t met yet (we probably have if you’re getting this invitation), my name is Sara Khoudary.

I’ve served as an authority builder for over 25 years in the digital marketing world.  My focus has always been to help experts finally get seen as the industry leaders they deserve to be. I began in the wild west of the web with crappy html websites and grew my business during the days of pagers and mobile brick phones and I’ve gracefully transitioned to leverage the most sophisticated practices of 2020. My team and I have helped our clients move from 5 figures to 7 figures in their businesses, creating and supporting multiple millionaires each and every year. I’m also the founder of Mentor Momentum (formerly known as “Entrepreneurs of Success”), a growing community of entrepreneurs from all levels who share the common goal to uplift and be uplifted. Our community members range from 5 figure earners to 10 figure earners- and the common denominator?  A heart for giving.

Are you one of us?

And as entrepreneurs, we need that type of supportive community, because most of the world frankly just doesn’t care about your success.I, for one, was raised with the belief of “you can’t”.

  • You can’t do that
  • You can’t start a business
  • You don’t deserve that
  • You can’t take those risks
  • You can’t succeed

Turns out, every entrepreneur worth a damn has been told “no” over and over again  yet, we find the “yes” from deep within somewhere or someone else. The many mentors in my life gave me the power to rise up… to believe in myself, and they showed me proven roadmaps to success that I couldn’t see for myself. My mentors always came to my rescue at times of crisis, giving me the refreshing feedback of “yes, and here’s how…” And you know what?

Most of them weren’t doing it for money. They just wanted to help out because they wanted to share the success they had seen and to support another entrepreneur doing good in the world. With the Mentor Momentum community, we’ve built an amazing and growing ecosystem of successful givers… where 1+1 = 11+

It’s different from most masterminds or coaching communities because we focus on the giving and supporting of each other as we rise together. Whether mentor or member, we all grow together, and disregard the dog eat dog environment that pollutes the minds of most business owners today. It’s a refreshing “step back in time” to the days of close-knit community and connection, before business became too numbers focused and hyper-competitive.

Would you like to be a part of what we’re building?

Right now, The Entrepreneurs of Success Mentor Momentum Community is actively seeking extraordinary specialists in their fields to step up as mentors. When you are chosen as a mentor, you will be given an extremely visible platform to share your gifts, mentor others, and in the process, receive life altering rewards in business, advertising and personal growth while standing side by side with world changing leaders.

When you apply, meet all selection criteria and are chosen for this opportunity, you will be featured, promoted, and expertly branded in this community of entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses for one full year. That’s a minimum of 12 months of constant promotion for your business to a current community of over 10,000 entrepreneurs ranging from new ventures to firmly established enterprises. (Imagine having a constant pipeline of business owners being exposed to your content while you are positioned as the go-to expert) When you enter the mentor momentum community, you leave behind the nagging struggle to search for prospects, the fight to be acknowledged for your talents, experience and wisdom… and instead you enter into a village of support and enthusiasm that will only build with time. Not only will you get exposed to a consistent stream of qualified prospects throughout the year. You will also get the satisfaction of becoming the coach in the corner for impact driven entrepreneurs who need it the most…  creating your own legacy of giving through mentorship.

If you are selected, we will promote the heck out of you.

  • We will position you as THE expert in your field
  • You will be placed on a virtual pedestal with a small handful of other leaders
  • You will benefit from all our ad spends, affiliate campaigns and internal promotions regularly for a full year
  • We will put you on the same exclusive virtual stage as our master mentors (including one yet to be announced billionaire). 
  • We will work with you to create a mini-course, which will be given to the Mentor Momentum community, educating our members on your area of expertise and giving you an asset which will work for you 24/7.

Not to mention, you have the opportunity to gain exclusive mentorship, opportunities and collaborations through this mastermind of industry powerhouses. This is also your chance to become a catalyst for an entire movement in redefining mentorship.  We believe that a mentor is someone who can help others see their lives through a different lens, so they can finally get out of their own way (and out of their own struggles). Are you someone who possesses this gift?   If so…

Do you qualify to become one of this year’s expert Mentors?

Who this opportunity is NOT for:

  • An entrepreneur who is not a proven and seasoned specialist
  • An entrepreneur who is not willing to be in the spotlight and help others
  • An entrepreneur who has not generated over $300k in a single year from their business
  • An entrepreneur who believes that there is only so much success to go around, and can’t see past the “what’s in it for me” frame

Who this opportunity IS for:

  • A respected specialist and leader in your industry
  • An excited and passionate giver
  • A consistent $300k+ earner
  • A natural mentor
  • An individual hungry to coach and be coached
  • A person with a big heart who thrives in a community setting

We invite you to become one of the newly minted guides and leaders of this growing community.

You can finally stop hand cranking the gears of promotion yourself, as a service provider… and instead connect with a greater promotional muscle that’s powered by heart, trust… and results.

*Note: As part of this energetic exchange, each chosen mentor will be expected to contribute a (low five figure) investment into the Mentor Momentum community. Read our refund policy below 🙂

When you click the button above, you’ll access an application form that will take 5-10 minutes to fill out. If your application meets our criteria then we will send a private message to you to schedule your interview call. The process commonly takes 15 days or less to process.

The Leader’s Circle Guarantee

We are committed to creating new opportunities, paradigm shifts and above all else limitless results for every member of our community especially for our leader’s circle contributors and mentors.

As a vested contributor, if you do not receive benefits from your elected monetary opportunity at the end of your term (approximately 12 months in duration) then we will happily offer you a full refund.

Yes, you read that right. You can sign up today, experience 12 full months of promotion to a thriving community of successful entrepreneurs, and then decide if it was worth it. We are that confident you will be thrilled with the results of being in this community.

It has been my life’s work over the past 25+ years to put together this community of givers and if you are the right fit for this invitation, then I will be putting in my all (reputation, money, energy and time) in order for you to achieve your fullest vision of success. For that amazing and passionate partner, I await our next steps together. 

Sara Khoudary
Founder, Mentor Momentum