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Advance Enterprenerueship

Dear Entrepreneur,

Starting a business is the easy part. Anyone can buy a domain name, get some marketing help, and start making some sales. 

Then come the tests will it grow or will it plateau? Some succeed, many fail  (over 95% in the first 5 years in fact!)

  • Leads dry up
  • Economies shift
  • Markets change
  • Products lose their shine
  • Team members leave
  • Partners disagree
  • Stuff happens outside of our control

These challenges make or break an enterprise... and make or break an entrepreneur.

The truth is, most businesses won’t get to the top of the mountain, only a select few find the right path upwards. 

The right path unlocks the fullest potential for your business in the shortest, most direct route. Now imagine hiking a dangerous trail alone without a map or compass to guide you. You have some notes from others who walked this path before, but no clear trail and if the lack of certainty isn’t enough, you also face hungry mountain lions, steep hills,  loose rocks, and certain death if you miss just one step! This is why many choose to stay on a safe plateau, instead of taking the risk required to get to the next levelIt ain’t easy, and anyone who says otherwise hasn’t been on the journey themselves. Now, imagine you have the loving eyes of a team of hiking experts on you, making sure you make it safely to the end. Individuals who know the ins and outs of this very trail, who have successfully traveled through it dozens of times before, and who want nothing more than to see you safely succeed.

  • Would you want their help?
  • How much easier would you breathe?
  • How much more confidence would you have in every step, knowing it was the right thing to do?
  • How much faster would you reach the top of the mountain?
  • How much more supported would you feel knowing you have a team of experts & mentors guiding your every decision?

Welcome to Mentor Momentum!

Finally, Entrepreneurs can have the ongoing support needed to succeed.

You don’t have to go it alone anymore!

If we haven’t met yet, my name is Sara Khoudary. I’ve served as an authority builder for over 25 years in the digital marketing world.  My focus has always been to help great business owners get seen as the industry leaders they deserve to be. I began in the wild west of the web with crappy html websites and grew my business during the days of pagers and mobile brick phones… and I’ve gracefully transitioned to leverage the most sophisticated practices of 2020. While I’m proud to share that I’ve experienced incredible success as a business owner, helping multiple clients move from 5 figures to 7 figures in their businesses, and creating and supporting new millionaires each and every year I must confess, it took a lot of help to get me here. I’ve been hit with failed partnerships, bankruptcies, theft, and crippling debt and you know what all these setbacks have in common? They all hit me when I was stubborn going it alone, or when I was taking advice from others who didn’t really know what they were talking about.

I was basically a blind entrepreneur being led by the blind!

However, when I’ve put myself in the position to receive “mentor moments”, tough loving support and guidance from mentors who’ve succeeded where I haven’t (yet), I’ve received powerful opportunities to raise up my business smoothly and sustainably. One time in particular, I attended a private event with a group of my mentors. Very early on in the night, I was called out to share my new business model. I was nervous as all hell, literally shaking from head to toe, and feeling like a spotlight was shining on my face. This new business was my baby, and I was 100% certain I had a real winner (I had already hit 6 figure +). At the end of my presentation (those that witnessed might say crucification), the event host stood up, got in my face, and yelled.“You don’t have a REAL business”. That happened. And it STUNG!

From my perspective I thought I did, I mean come on, I’d hit over 6 figures with the business. When he pulled me aside after, he explained where he saw my potential, and where I was falling short. Having the courage and humility to accept that advice was one of the smartest things I ever did because three months later I was tripling my revenue as a result of his unbiased and unattached feedback. These “Mentor Moments” come infrequently to most entrepreneurs. Because it requires a couple circumstances to actually happen:

  • First, the mentor must know what they’re talking about.
  • Second, the mentor must be emotionally unattached to you enough to give you honest feedback.

And this is a big part of the reason why, over time, most coaches can’t provide these paradigm shifting moments for you as often. Because you need someone who is willing to “go there” in order to get their point across. To stop your plateau in its tracks and spike your growth. Which is why I’ve poured my heart and soul into creating and cultivating this community.

Joining Mentor Momentum will give you life changing “Mentor Moments” on a regular basis.

If you can see the value of mentor moments, then you can probably see how much value these moments can provide to your business. 

If just one of these moments tripled my business, imagine what’s possible when you have constant access to them? 

How would it feel to have access to a diverse group of over 50 powerhouse mentors across multiple industries and specialties, dedicated to your growth and success. 

Our community mentors range from high 6 figure earners all the way up to 10 figure earners.

The greatest common denominator?

A heart for giving

And as entrepreneurs, we need that type of supportive community, because most of the world frankly just doesn’t care about your success. I, for one, was raised with the belief of “you can’t”.

  • You can’t do that
  • You can’t start a business
  • You don’t deserve that
  • You can’t take those risks
  • You can’t succeed

Turns out, every entrepreneur worth a damn has been told “no” over and over again yet, we find the “yes” from deep within somewhere or someone else. The many mentors in my life gave me the power to rise up to believe in myself, and they showed me proven road maps to success that I couldn’t see for myself. My mentors always came to my rescue at times of crisis, giving me the refreshing feedback of “yes, and here’s how” And you know what?

Most of them weren’t doing it for money. They just wanted to help out because they wanted to share the success they had seen and to support another entrepreneur doing good in the world. With the Mentor Momentum community, we’ve built an amazing and growing ecosystem of successful givers… where 1+1 = 11+

It’s different from most masterminds or coaching communities because we focus on the giving and supporting of each other as we rise together. Whether mentor or member, we all grow together, and disregard the dog eat dog environment that pollutes the minds of most business owners today. It’s a refreshing “step back in time” to the days of close-knit community and connection, before business became too numbers focused and hyper-competitive.

So, What Does It Take To Become A Member?

Who this opportunity is NOT for:

  • Someone who is not coachable
  • Someone who is not ready for tough-loving “feedforward” to grow their business
  • Someone who is not willing to make the sacrifices and decisions necessary to up level his or her business
  • Someone who fears taking risk
  • Someone who is a serial bargain hunter
  • Someone who believes that there is only so much success to go around, and can’t see past the “what’s in it for me” frame
  • Someone who believes he or she is a victim and expects others to do the work for them
  • Someone who would prefer to grow his or her business slowly

Who this opportunity IS for:

  • An entrepreneur or professional ready for explosive growth
  • An excited and passionate giver
  • An individual who is excited about the prospect of getting a private education and support system from 7, 8, 9, and 10 figure earners
  • An individual hungry to be coached and mentored
  • A person with a big heart who thrives in a community setting

For those who fit this criteria, we invite you to become one of the Charter members of this growing community.  

So, You Fit the Criteria?

Get Advanced Mentorship…

Meet (Just A Few) of Your Mentors:

Our hand selected mentors (over 50 and counting) come from a variety of backgrounds including sales, marketing, retail, performance, entertainment, high level consulting and much more.  Some of the best and most successful entrepreneurs in their fields… and they are here to serve you.

Get just one pinch of the knowledge in any of the heads of these mentors and you will receive a business breakthrough.  Fortunately when you join mentor momentum, you join the same network and vibration as these fine folks.

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